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Not Your Average Washing Machine Cleaner

Traditional washing machine cleaner tablets only clean once. Lifeproof Home not only deep cleans the machine during first use but it also keeps it clean from odors, grime, and sludge around-the-clock, for up to 90 days!

How It Works

Lifeproof Home uses advanced ceramic nanotechnology designed specifically for cleaning and protecting washing machine parts, pieces, and internals. The water-based formula first deep cleans the machine and then produces a safe, invisible, ultra-thin nano-ceramic layer during cure. The result is a sludge, grime, and odor-repelling finish that lasts for up to 90 days.

Customer Stories

Build up was removed after the first wash with this product! My washers bad smell has also gone away. This product does exactly what it says and so far is working great.

Jasmine H

Verified Buyer

Comes as a liquid in a bottle which is nice because the tablet kinds often come crushed or don’t disintegrate all the way. It left a pleasant smell and left my washer clean and smooth to the touch. Only needs to be used every 3 months!

Cathy B

Verified Buyer

The smell is gone and my machines drum residue has disappeared! It says that it works for 90 days and after almost two months my washer still smells clean.

Sandy P

Verified Buyer

Just as easy to use as washer tablets but way better!!! I even used the gasket cleaner and it works really well. No more musty smell.

Todd L

Verified Buyer


Is this safe for all washing machines including HE?

Yes! Lifeproof Home Washing Machine Cleaner is safe for all front and top load washing machines including high efficiency (HE). 

What's in Lifeproof Washing Machine Cleaner?

Lifeproof Home Washing Machine Cleaner is an industrial-grade hydrogen peroxide based liquid cleaner that is safe for stainless steel machines, parts, pipes, and septic systems. Lifeproof also contains a proprietary blend of ceramic-nano polymers cross linked with a persistent microbial-control agent that helps protect your machine for up to 90 days. The result is a home-safe formula that is bleach and chorine free that will not leach into future wash cycles. 

Is this product scented?

Yes, Lifeproof Washing Machine Cleaner contains a minimal amount of water-based fragrance to keep your machine smelling fresh and clean around the clock.

Does this help clean the rubber gasket around the door of a front load machine?

While Lifeproof Washing Machine Cleaner is capable of cleaning all areas of the machine in which cleaner makes contact with, most gaskets do not directly come in contact with the main wash cycle and thus, it is recommended to separately clean the gasket using the included bonus gasket/seal cleaner and protectant. 

Is this septic tank friendly?

Absolutely! Lifeproof home is bleach/chlorine free and is safe for use with washers connected to septic systems. 

Will this product affect my future laundry cycles?

No, Lifeproof Washing Machine Cleaner will not affect or leach into future wash cycles. For best results, wait 12 hours before running a normal load of laundry after treatment. 



90-Day Guarantee

Easy To Use

  • Empty Washing Machine

    Remove clothing and other items from washing machine
  • Add Power Shot

    Front Load Washers: Pour Power Shot into the liquid soap tray and run a normal or heavy (or "clean" cycle if available) with hot water setting. 

    Top Load Washers: First, run machine on a normal or heavy cycle (or "clean" cycle if available) with hot water setting. Once the machine begins filling with water, pour Power Shot into the machine.
  • Let Cure

    Allow the protective coating to cure for 12 hours with door/lid open.
  • (Optional) Clean Gasket & Seal

    Front Load Washers: Spray the included gasket cleaner directly onto the door gasket and any other soiled areas. Wipe clean with cloth. 

     Top Load Washers: Spray included gasket cleaner directly onto the underside of the top lid and any other soiled areas. Wipe clean with cloth.
  • Septic Safe

  • Chlorine Free

  • Water Based

  • No Residue

 Shipping Policy

We are proud to manufacture and ship all Lifeproof Home orders in Thomaston, CT USA!

Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders placed Monday through Friday morning typically ship within 24 hours. Orders placed Friday afternoon through Sunday night will ship on Monday.

A shipping confirmation email will arrive in your inbox the evening of the day your order is packed and a tracking number has been assigned by the fulfillment center. This email will contain your Carrier Tracking Number. (Please check your email spam/junk mail folders if you have not seen the order and/or shipping confirmation email.)

Package tracking numbers are available in your shipping confirmation email, or by viewing your order in your lifeproofhome.com account. Please allow at least 48 hours after placing your order to check on your order tracking, as the tracking information may not be available from our shippers before that time.

Love It, Or Your Money Back!

We’re confident you're going to love the results! That’s why we back every sale with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like Lifeproof Home, or are unsatisfied with the results, return it within 90 days of receipt. 

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