Ceramic Protection Key Benefits

Lifeproof Home ceramic coating is an invisible coating that provides an ultra hydrophobic, super slick, anti-stick, shiny, anti-fingerprint, stain-resistant surface. Enjoy easy cleaning without the harsh chemicals!

Prevents Stains

Once cured, Lifeproof Home ceramic coating becomes super-slick and resists stains, build-up, fingerprints, grime, soap scum, water spots and more!

Ultra Hydrophobic

Lifeproof Home's ultra hydrophobic properties bead liquids away from the surface helping with water spotting, mineral build-up, and grime build-up.

Shine & Protect

Shine and protect nearly any hard surface in your home for 6-12 months. Lifeproof Home coating adds increased gloss and depth to stone, metals, and other surfaces.