Say Goodbye to Bad Odors: A Guide to Banishing Washing Machine Smells Say Goodbye to Bad Odors: A Guide to Banishing Washing Machine Smells

Laundry is an essential household task that, unfortunately, requires constant upkeep. You may have landed here because you've detected an unusual or bad scent coming from your washing machine. Some may even describe the smell as their washing machine smells like rotten eggs!

Regardless of how many times a week you do laundry, your washing machine is frequently used and can develop unpleasant odors for a variety of different reasons.

Let's dive into the main and most common reasons why your washing machine stinks!

Residue build-up from Detergent or Fabric Softener

Over time your washer sees lots of water, detergents, and fabric softener. The combination of those over time can leave behind a residual residue that can build up and begin to cause a musty odor. Match that with dirty and other debris from your clothing and it can become quite a mess. Take a closer look at your washer drum and see if you spot any build-up. 

Here's an option that serves as a preventive measure for residue buildup - Lifeproof Home 4-in-1 Washer Cleaner & Protectant. More details on this innovative new technology will be provided below.

Neglected Rubber Gaskets (Front Load)

Those who have a front-load machine with a rubber gasket are likely aware of how easy it can be for that gasket to collect water and other residue. This is likely the first place you can easily inspect to see if this is the cause of your washing machine smell. Lint, dirt, and other debris can accumulate in the gasket, creating a breeding ground for bacteria that follows up with the smell to match. Be sure to regularly check this gasket area for debris or moisture and thoroughly clean it when necessary. 

Gasket cleaning is easy enough, but adding a gasket solution cleaner and coating it will make cleaning much easier and less frequent.

Dampness and Moisture Build Up

This goes along with the two main points above. Moisture and dampness are one of the major causes of mold and mildew. Do leave the door open or closed after a wash? Sometimes it can help to leave the door open to allow for proper drying and ventilation. If you do not want to leave the door open, even a simple wipe-down with a towel can help the drying process.

Our product Lifeproof Home 4-in-1 Washer Cleaner and Protectant actually has a helpful solution to this issue utilizing proprietary Ceramic Coating Nanotechnology. This coating is applied to the drum of the machine during a cleaning cycle and has a hydrophobic ability to bead water allowing it all to drain properly which can cause the next odor-related issue hard water deposits that allow mold and mildew to establish itself.

Limescale/Hard Water Build Up

A slightly less common issue that not only can lead to an unpleasant smell but decreases the efficiency of your washing machine. If you are one of those who happens to have hard water this may be the culprit. A layer of minerals begins to build up inside your machine known as limescale which not only restricts water flow but also decreases the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

This is where your self-cleaning cycle or a cleaner like the product below that can help prevent hard water deposits and build up.


A preventative product that covers all the bases: Lifeproof Home 4-in1 Washer Cleaner 

When it comes to all the points mentioned above, there is one product that can single-handedly help with all these issues. This industry-breaking product comes as a 2oz liquid “shot” that’s added to your empty washer's cleaning cycle. As the product mixes with the wash it immediately begins to clean and break down hard-water spots, dirt, grime, and odors your machine may have. The most innovative part of this product is that it uses ceramic coating nanotechnology to coat the inside with an antimicrobial film. One 2oz shot is enough to protect your washing machine for 90 days from future odor, grime, and dirt!

Here are some more information about this product:

  1. Instantly eliminates odors, grime, & sludge with 90 days of protection
  2. Utilized proprietary Ceramic Coating Nanotechnology
  3. Compatible with all washing machines including high-efficiency machines
  4. 1-year supply included
  5. 4-pack (4 Shots) + bonus gasket and seal cleaner & protector
  6. Fresh & clean scent
  7. Maintains machine performance
  8. Cleans and prevents stains from mold and mildew
  9. Anti-corrosive
  10. No residue like tablet-based cleaners

Pinpointing the problem and maintaining a fresh-smelling washing machine is vital for keeping our clothes clean. By understanding the causes behind the odors and implementing these simple solutions, you can say goodbye to unpleasant smells. Regular cleaning, proper ventilation, periodic maintenance, and or washer cleaning products will ensure that your washing machine remains odor-free!

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