Discover Uses with Lifeproof Home Ceramic Coating Discover Uses with Lifeproof Home Ceramic Coating

Endless Uses For a Cleaner Home




Kitchen & Bath: Countertops


Granite, marble, quartz, you name it! Protect and shine any countertop.

Benefits: Enriches natural stone color while adding a super-slick and clean feel. Seals surfaces and prevents harmful stains.

Other materials: granite | marble | quartz | soap stone | corian | laminate | solid surface | metal | plastic | & more.

Longevity: 6-12 months on low-touch areas.

Note: avoid unsealed wood & prep areas.




Kitchen: Stainless Steel

Keep your stainless appliances streak, fingerprint, & water spot free! Great on all stainless steel finishes including black stainless & appliances.

Benefits: Reduces fingerprints/smudges and when they do appear, wipe away with ease.

Applications: appliances | faucets | finishes | & more.

Longevity: 12 months on low-touch areas.




Kitchen & Bath: Sinks

Keeps your sink cleaner, and longer! And makes regular cleaning a breeze.

Benefits: Creates hydrophobic ceramic-nano coating in sink that instantly beads water and grime to the drain. Reduces water spotting and food buildup.

Sink materials: stainless steel | copper | porcelain | marble | & more.

Longevity: 2-6 months depending on use.




Kitchen: Appliances

Resist stains inside and outside of home appliances! Excellent for inside fridges and microwaves.

Benefits: Instantly protect interior and exterior home appliances from damaging corrosion, smudges, light scratches, stains, and more.

Use on: fridge | microwave | dishwasher | & more.

Longevity: 4-6 months depending on use.




Bath: Shower Glass

Keep glass looking clean and clear for longer! Lifeproof Home ceramic beads water off glass to the floor preventing water spotting and soap scum stains. Makes regular cleaning a breeze!

Benefits: Beads water off glass preventing staining, buildup, and spotting.

Use on: any glass surface.

Longevity: 3-6 months depending on use.



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