A Revolutionary New Home Product A Revolutionary New Home Product

Why some are calling home ceramic coatings "a revolutionary new home product"?

Ceramic coating technologies are making headlines in the home cleaning market. While large cleaning companies focus on "a better cleaner" ceramic coatings boast quick and easy protection that prevents stains and makes cleaning easier and less frequent.

Easily applied by anyone in minutes, a ceramic coating adds ultra hydrophobic, super-slick, anti-stick, shiny, anti-fingerprint, stain-resistant properties

So many surfaces to coat!

There are hundreds of surfaces in your home that can benefit from a ceramic coating. Think about your expensive stone countertops or your new Viking stainless steel appliances. You can even use it on your beautiful painted cabinets!

So far, I have used it on all my stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, shower glass door, and copper sink.

What will the coating do?

Ceramic coating your home kitchen and bath surfaces will protect them from normal wear and tear. More noticeable though, you will notice how it keeps these surfaces looking immaculate like they just came from the factory. 

The coatings' super-slick, anti-stick properties literally repel and resist stains and smudges.

Say goodbye to fingerprints on the fridge!

Yes, ceramic coatings resist fingerprints, smears, and water spots which I'm sure are covering your fridge and stainless steel appliances right now.

Less grime build-up

The next best place to ceramic coat is your kitchen sink. Once coated, the hydrophobic properties bead water to the drain keeping the surface primarily dry. This is important because sitting water is where grime collects and buildups. 

The coating even helps with water spots especially if you live in an area with hard water.

Did I mention the wonders it does on shower glass doors?

Oh yea, just like in the sink, water beads off glass easily, helping reduce grime buildup and even soap scum deposits!

Clean as glass feel

One of the best benefits of a home ceramic coating is the way it leaves surfaces with a super-slick clean glass feel. Trust me, it's more impressive than is sounds!

You can use it on nearly any hard surface

The best part about this technology is it can be used on nearly any hard surface so long as it is non-porous, like unsealed wood, for example. 

You can ceramic coat: countertops, appliances, finishes, stainless steel, granite laminate, glass, tile, metal, quartz, Corian, plastic, acrylic, and more.

Another perk to the coating is it enriches dull or faded stone countertops. 

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Once you start using it you'll quickly be addicted to applying it to your entire home!

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How to use

Thankfully, many ceramic coatings now come in a spray bottle just like any household cleaner. You simply spray it on surfaces, wipe in with a microfiber towel, and then wipe off any residue.

Lastly, you just need to wait 2 hours before using the surface to make sure the coating has ample time to cure. 

Home ceramic coatings

While you can go to Amazon and find many ceramic coatings, it's best to choose one designed for home surfaces. Lifeproof Home is not meant to be used on cars and boats. It is specifically for home surfaces. 

Make sure it's home safe 

The main reason your want a home coating vs automotive is the ingredients! The Lifeproof Home cured coating has been tested to be non-toxic. See test report

The idea is to keep harsh chemicals and cleaners out of the home!

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